beagles for sale

beagles for sale are scent dogs, They are bred to hunt and live in packs. They are  very social and likes the company of other dogs as well as people. There are two types of beagles but neither grows taller than 15 inches.

Few dogs are as iconic as the world-famous Beagle. Comact, affectionate and keenly intelligent, Beagles are the ideal canine companion. The Beagles history can be traced as far back as 2500 years ago, when hounds like the Beagle were bred by the Ancient Greeks as scent hounds to track small game.beagles for sale

Beagles possess one of the most powerful noses in the animal kingdom, capable of tracking small game over incredible distances, and with surprising accuracy.

Little has changed in the many long years the Beagle has been hunting by our side, except the number of roles the Beagle has added to its canine resume. From preventing smugglers with its powerful nose, to detecting termite infestations, and pet therapy there are few canine roles the Beagle is not equipped to play.

Beagles are friendly, fun loving, and will jump at the first chance to follow their nose. They live to scent trace, leading many owners to create fun and interesting new games to play, socialize and train their Beagle to use its amazing scent tracking skill.

With its lovable personality, incredible nose and superior health, it’s no surprise that today the Beagle is one of the most popular dog breeds in the world.beagles for sale

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