maltese puppies for sale

Mini Maltese Puppies for Sale are small dogs but teacup Maltese are even smaller. They both come in Toy groups; the toy group is chosen as children’s first puppies.

These Santa clause dogs are known for their lovely snow white coat. They have small chubby legs that look like they are bouncing when they walk or run.

Most Teacup Maltese puppies have a height between 4 to 5 inches and weight between 3 to 5 pounds.  They are snowy white in color, dark color only appears in their eyes, nose and toe pads. They have a single coat with silky or velvety texture. They don’t have any undercoats. Their coat should be brushed every day.

These puppies are a preferred pet of royalty and for high society people in ancient times and in today’s time it is one of the popular choices for celebrities.

These Cheap Teacup Maltese Puppies for Sale are popular because of their sweet and adorable nature. They are confident and brave despite their small size. They need all time attention and love to feel safe and secure. They can amuse with their jolly nature but are not overly loud and uncontrolled. They can easily and happily socialize with people but sometimes behave bossy. These little puppies have a great brain; they can easily learn tricks and love to play with toys. They can even adjust easily with other pet animals but should keep safe from large dogs as they may harm them.

Teacup Maltese puppies for Adoption are good family dogs as they easily get familiar with family members but you should be careful as rough playing or accidental drops can break their bones. From them, daily grooming and proper nutrition are the two most important things to keep in mind. They just required a 15-minute walk two times a day and prefer memory games rather than intensive sport or rough play.

They have a life span of 10 to 15 years and can cost approx $1000.Teacup Maltese is one of the best choices for any home dog. They make the perfect indoor house dog and also a loving partner for the elderly and disabled ones. The love you gave to them will give that much affection and love right back and they always want to be your side or in your arms. We can say these puppies have beauty with brains as they easily learn tricks and brain teasers rather than rough and tough play. If they feel safe and being loved by your side this pint sized pooch will reward you as an inseparable partner for years.

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