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The yorkie poo puppies for sale is a cross between a Yorkshire Terrier and a Toy or Miniature Poodle. This fun-loving dog is gentle, affectionate and intelligent. At the same time, they love to be active and tend to be vocal, so they make great watchdogs. Yorkiepoos make amusing, devoted companions and are perfectly suited for apartment life, but would also enjoy living in larger spaces

We recognize that our Yorki-poo pricing is considerably less than many of our competitors. For a small, loving toy Poodle cross, Yorkiepoos can be a wonderful option for someone who may not be able to afford a mini Bernedoodle or one of our more expensive breeds. Yorkiepoo are fan favorites in many ways. Yorkiepoos are small dogs with a huge heart. Some people refer to Yorkie-poos as a big dog in a small body.

Like humans, as your dog matures, it’s a good idea to begin physical therapy and possible brainteasers. This will keep the mind and body sharp while they age.

Yorkie-Poos can have high levels of energy, so they will need daily exercise to avoid anxiety or destructive behaviors. But, they are also small and can tire easily, so will only require a moderate amount of exercise to stay happy and healthy.

This breed is active and loving, as well as fiercely loyal. The Yorkie-Poo is also incredibly confident and can be somewhat stubborn due to their Yorkshire Terrier heritage. These dogs love to learn, so they will be easy to train and happy to please. They enjoy learning through games, obstacles, and tasks, which makes them perfect for children!If you decide to adopt a Yorkie-Poo, you will need to give them extensive socializing. If dogs, in general, are not properly socialized they will often become aggressive and anxious. Yorkshire Terriers and Yorkie-Poos are no exceptions to this rule. When they are puppies, socialize them with other canines and new people. Then, they will know they are safe around others, even when you’re not there.

Inheriting high intelligence from both parents, any of the Yorkie Poo puppies for sale Florida breeders and businesses are offering will be highly trainable. That’s the good news. The not-so-good? Yorkiepoos can be stubborn! But if you show patience, and keep training sessions short and positive, a Yorkiepoo will heed commands.

It’s worth considering. We’re dog lovers and so don’t dissuade against reputable shelters. We offer a different experience. For example, any Yorkiepoo Florida shelters have, if they have them, won’t likely come with any of the important health, behavioral, and background information that could prove vital to your pup’s care.

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